About Wendy Rose Artist

I missed art so much and felt like something was missing in my soul so I began searching for ways to get back into art.
A conversation with an artist:

Hi! I’m Wendy Rose a fifty something year old artist currently working out of Massachusetts, but hoping to expand to points south.

How did you come to be an artist?

As a kid I always drew, I always made things even if I didn’t have the materials, I found a way. Then through high school I spent probably 3/4 of my day in the art department with two amazing teachers. I was not well accepted, not athletic and at times bullied. Art was my refuge. I built a divers portfolio that got me into college for textile design.

What happened after school?

After art school I became a dressage horseback riding competition trainer for many years leaving, my artistic abilities behind. In the next 30 years art was put on the back burner except for a seven-year run with my own photography studio which enabled me to get back to my art. Doing mostly wedding photography, it lost its flavor when digital photography took over and allowed people to manipulate the photos to a point where I felt it was more technology than art.

That was some 30 years ago, what brought you back to art?

On February 2017 a friend had terrible life event that almost took her life. It made my re-evaluare what is important. I missed art so much and felt like something was missing in my soul so I began searching for ways to get back into art. Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico (where we have a home and family) also made me realize that life is short and we need to appreciate our gifts. I’ve been painting ever since.

I want people to know that they can always pursue their dream at any time, and at any age.

The progress, from the beginning to the end a month later.

“Wisdom” the owl.


“Playful” sold at the Gallery X – William Street Fair in New Bedford, MA.

Now hanging in its new home!

Our partnership with Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation
With most of our lives touched by cancer, it made sense to use our talents to help life a little better for those in suffering. We are committed to donate 20% of our profits to Libby’s Legacy as our contribution to this partnership. Several of our paintings are already donated to the foundation as contributions.
The video shows one of the paintings that recently sold, explaining the Finger Painting Method.
“Beauty” after several weeks of work from beginning almost to the end.