Wendy always has paintings in the works. Since the oil paint is applied directly on the canvas both to create layers and to mix colors directly on the canvas, there are times the painting has to be set aside to sit and dry. The drying can take a few days or a few weeks. Once the painting is partially dried, another layer of paint can be put on the canvas without affecting the colors from a previous layer or causing unintended color mixes.


These works in progress are shared both to show the process of painting and to share different ideas for topics that Wendy is pursuing. In some cases, Progress posts have led to some of the paintings being spoken for before they are even finished.


We hope you enjoy the experience of seeing the artist at work. Contact Wendy Rose if you like what you see!




Water, Water Everywhere series

When I was asked what I was going to do for my birthday I said….. Paint… Duh!
And ofcourse… Swim and party with my friends here in Mt. Dora, Florida. Here is a sneak preview of one in a series I’m working on here down South.
Keeping it finger painted at least 80% -100%.

Remember, it’s not finished. Here is just the beginning of this beauty. Stay tuned for more!
24″ x 36″ oil

Working with a Model

“Lazy Sunday” work in progress.
I usually don’t go into the studio on a Sunday but I woke with a burning desire to paint from a model.
So, this is what I NEEDED to finger paint I guess, because 45 minutes later this appeared.
12″x36″ oil, 97% finger painted….as of now. I’ll keep posting as she progresses.

Pictures of the paint processĀ 

“Just another day in Paradise”

Waiting for it to dry so it can be varnished.This one is available. Check out the progress pictures showing the layers…


Gracie is a commission piece.

I am enjoying a portrait of a carefree girl twirling in her garden.

Our flower girls, Commission work from the family. Work in progress.

12″x24″ Oil paint.
98% finger painted
2% palette knife, for the fringe effect.
Original is available. Canvas and paper prints will also be available when done.

Granda fishing from the dock. Commissioned work from family, in progress.

A special piece of special woman for two special women.
10″x20″ oil paint.
89% finger painted.
Original not available.
Canvas and paper prints will be available when done.

Work in progress.
100% finger painted. Oil paint.

Recently completed “Happy Buddha” see video below.
98% finger painted. Oil paint.