Wendy Rose Artist

Beautiful pieces of art by a fifty something woman returning to art after many years. Mostly an oil paint artist who prefers finger painting as a way to manipulate what she sees, into wonderful works of art. Loves to approach just about any subject and is not afraid to use different tools to bring her art to life.

Originals: Both Wendy’s choices and commissioned works. (See links to commissions below – What would you like Wendy to paint for you?)

Prints: Excellent way to to own Wendy’s Art at different affordable levels.

Embellished Canvas prints where Wendy applies paint strategically to the canvas print to create a unique work or art  that is between a print and an original. $$$

Canvas Prints are prints of original works on high quality canvas/ink stretched over a wooden frame. $$

High quality paper prints that you can frame. $

Shop online for Wendy Rose original pieces and/or prints.

Commission Work

You can contact Wendy to commission a piece of art on a contract basis. Although the base price is based on the size of the work of art, subject and color may also be factored into the cost of the commissioned piece…

From the Wendy Rose Artist MA studio

The latest tour of the studio, you can see some of the paintings are gone, and some have moved from “in the works” to completed and drying on the wall.

Scroll down and you can see the progress through the months.

JUNE 2018

Lots of works in progress. Interesting project – a large 2 foot by 3 foot plaster board to recreate earlier sea turtle watercolor.

After Wendy repainted the room to make sure paintings had a nice color to sit against. Yes, she told the dogs that they could stay.

I am Wendy Rose, an artist returning to my art after many years. I create most of my paintings using very simple tools: canvas, water soluble oil color (Holbean) and my fingers. Sometimes I use other tools like palette knives for special effects or brushes for details. And from time to time I dabble in watercolors just for the fun of it. We converted a large room at the back of our house for my studio, and so… you may hear strange noises in my videos or catch a glimpse of our studio dogs (yes, 3 rescues).

Largest commission to date 3 ft X 4 ft, while in progress. Mixing paints on canvas with my fingers.

“Strength” Elephant – painting to the music 7/18

This was one of the first paintings that ended up selling after I posted this video of its creation. This is Magestic Boy (Rooster series I)


The Melissa Etheridge Project, one of several related paintings to benefit Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Change Rocks” 100% finger paint color study. Part of the FUN series